mostrave 6.1 flashback

  • mostrave 6.1 flashback
    01. Marco Bernardi - The Light Of Lights [Frustrated Funk]
    02. E.R.P. - Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix) [Semantica]
    03. Monolake - Far Red [Imbalance Computer Music]
    04. Alpha 303 - Kontrol [Orbis]
    05. Hardfloor - The Life We Choose (E.R.P. Remix) [Hardfloor]
    06. Model 500 - Time, Space,Transmat [Metroplex]
    07. Marcus Intalex - Dusk [Soul:r]
    08. Hardfloor - 4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward [No Respect]
    09. E.R.P. - Vox Automaton [Frustrated Funk]
    10. Tellefunk - Hybrid Devices [Crobot Muzik]
    11. N-ter - This Is My Life [Subsonic Device]
    12. Maggotron - Mission Electro [Debonaire]
    13. Koova - 808 Rhythm Machine [Mars Frequency]
    14. N-ter - Leaving Underground [Crobot Muzik]

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    Tracks for this mix is part of track that was selected and played in 2011 on open air mostrave 6.1, after was compiled this mix. Recorded in April 2014.
    Check it! :cylon:

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