• Ooh! A very tasty start to a new year and fresh Electro dishes to replenish those taste buds!
    For the first time EVER in the UK, JACKAL & HYDE lay down that new school Electro bass vibe LIVE! (Not just laptops but stuff with sliders,keys and buttons to bash too!) Long running London party crew WANG have done the UK a major service in finally gettin Scott and Todd over to the UK for a much over due appearance. Legends of the new school / florida Electro scene with an arsenal of bonafide new school classics under their belts, this is gona be a belter!!!....So much so I'm making my way down to the big smoke to check this gig out!
    Not only that, the WANGsters have also enlisted the services of some of the greatest UK Electronic music artists / DJs to help rip the roof off the sucka on this special occasion. Ed DMX (DMX KREW), Rob Hall (SKAM) & J Saul Kane (Depth Charge) will be droppin beat science on the dex along with able support from residents Electro Elvis, Lula, Disco Dave, Ben Lyford.

    All this for just a TENNER!!! (

  • What an absolutely fantastic night!
    After a few hours on the train down to London from Leeds, we hooked up with the London contingent of our posse in a VERY local pub 10 mins from the venue, in the Elephant & Castle area.

    Introductions made and ale supped we trotted off to Unit 5 on Elephant Rd, the home of the much in use venue that is Corsica studios. I was greeted by Lula from the Wang posse at the door and ushered into the many doored maze that winds around the two rooms of this venue. bags n coats deposited it was straight to the bar and session on!
    I jus had chance to say a quick hello to Ed (DMX KREW) about his session with ma co-horts @ Club Marguerita in Utrecht before he hit the dex and rocked the spot in his inimitable style. Bass fueled electro mixed with a few classics at a healthy 130-ish bpm pace with a little dub step and hardcore rave gear towards the end of the set.

    Ed knows how to entertain and is by far one of the most jovial characters I know in the electro scene. Always smiling and a tireless manipulator of the wax as it spins, Ed never fails to move a crowd.

    Hittin the stage at 3am and ready to thrill the crowd, Jackal and Hyde kicked off their very first UK gig with a boOM!

    I wasn't quite sure just what to expect from a live set from these bad boys of the US Electro / IDM scene, that wasn't long in mind as I was bombarded with some fierce tunage from the get go and they jus kept on bringin it! Tune after tune of very clearly, well balanced and confidently delivered grit yer teeth electro with oodles of bass!
    Hyde is without a doubt a master of stage presence and vocoder usage. Taking an assured stance and throwin some mean shapes as he delivered his vocals.

    His partner (and half of DynamixII at other times) Jackal manned his kit with vigor!

    Those beats were monstrous! backed up with bass that was felt in ya chest. A long time player in the electro game, Scott/ Jackal can not be faulted for his beat programing and synth work. This shit was pretty much crystal clear in it's quality over the quite adequate Cosica Studio's system.

    It was distorted where it was supposed be distorted, in that overdriven kinda style, and clear and precise where it was supposed to be. Scott was saying, outside smokin a cig after the set, how he mixes his stuff down expecially for the live sets in order to keep the cl;arity of the studio productions...more on that in the forth coming interview tho.

    After quite a few years working together, Jackal & Hyde's live set is a polished and powerful show. It had me jumpin around with Em and her mates as well as sneekin down to the front to pogo with Jon & Key too...it can be said that I went mental for it. As much as I love a well crafted Electro number, I also like to go crazy, grit me teeth and go GRRRRR to some very harsh, fast and darker stuff. ( "Punks in Park Zoos" - Skinny Puppy anyone?).
    Well done to the WANG posse for a great line up, Honerable mentions to Rob Hall and sadly for me, playin while J&H were, J Saul Kane (LEGEND!) who also spun that night. My first foray to Cosica Studios, which is, it seems, the venue of choice for a lot of electronic and deep dance music at the moment!..and I enjoyed it. A great sound system, intimate size, a splendid crowd (including this guy (Ben) who surprised me when he ran up and said "You're from York! You did that giga few years ago with Ed dmx doin the Freestyke set" then looked at Em and said "You're from Leeds, you used to go to technique"..talk about memory for a face n a place!!!)

    I think it can be safely said that we all had a great time. The Wang crew throw an excellent party and I'm sure I'll attend again. Ed was class and Jackal & Hyde brung it BIG!
    Big thanx to Electro Elvis and Lula!!!

    The Posse get messy!...

    L to R Jon the birthday boy, the new convert and ma old buddy Key.

    Rhian, Em and Charlotte

    The Ladies who love electro!

    Mossadon acosted by Rhian

    Mikey doesn't want us to see the look on his face...and Charlotte looks like she maybe doesn't wana see it either! =D

    PS ... Where the fuck were the EE southern contingent?!
    Y'all missed a great electro night out!

  • you know what Mossy i just picked up the Dynamix II 1985 - to Present repress's on Rephlex for a fiver., well chuffed did not know one half of J&H are on half of Dynamix II either.......as it goes I have only heard a few of their stuff like Beyond/Get Down To My Technique which are both slammin

    looks like a good night - ah well may see you at Bloc - is Phil (Bass Junkie) goin to be on that one??

  • J was playin at the same time as Jackal & Hyde so i didn't get to see him play!
    I only had chance to chat to him afterwards. Still a top chap after all this time and remembered me from Depth Charge record SHOP, which we named in his honour in 92. He was sayin that he's playin kinda distorto house these days. Rough grooves and nasty basslines.
    I was a bit gutted I didn't get to see him play too....2 out of 3 tho!

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