Victoria Lukas | November 2014 feature

  • Victoria Lukas might seem like an upcoming figure in the Electro scene, but the reality is that her career has become quite extensive and from the start very much within circles who have been pioneers to this music, especially the Techno Bass sound.

    As author behind the works of Inkamera, recently releasing on the latest Bass Agenda "The War On Error" compilation, as well as her previous 12" release on Last Known Trajectory "Existendo", Victoria Lukas has been participating in some very interesting projects also with labels like Frustrated Funk (appearing as "Vita" on a 12" album) and Clone with Gerald Donald of Dopplereffekt as "Zerkalo". Victoria has even written the scores for some short films like Spectographies (upcoming), Septiem Promenade, and C19H28O2 (Agnès), expanding her artistic career beyond the contraints of the club scene and into realms where her unique vision and direction can flourish in different ways, while representing the Electro scene in a very elegant yet mysterious manner.

    Don't miss this truly special feature this month recorded live by Victoria Lukas during her recent trip to Paris, where she was, coincidentally, mixing her latest movie score! Take a listen.



    1. Victoria Lukas - Presences (Spectrographies) - Unreleased
    2. Victoria Lukas - Bodies (Spectrographies) - Unreleased
    3. Inkamera - The Awaiting - Unreleased
    4. Zerkalo - The Lake - Unreleased
    5. Zerkalo - Snova - Fundamental Records
    6. Zerkalo - When I Was Sick - Clone Aqualung
    7. Inkamera - No Dead Men's Cries - Unreleased
    8. Inkamera - I Can Speak - Last Known Trajectory
    9. Inkamera - Skylar - Bass Agenda Recordings
    10. Inkamera - Death Doesn't Exist - Last Known Trajectory
    11. Inkamera -Superpartners -Last Known Trajectory
    12. Victoria Lukas - Ta Voix (Spectrographies) - Unreleased
    13.Victoria Lukas - Helène (Spectrographies) - Unreleased

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