Blips & Bleeps Mix Series

  • Hello Empire. I'm happy to introduce my latest mix series "Blips & Bleeps" where we will be playing various blips & bleeps & bites from every corner of ELECTRO! Episode 2 is now up.

    Home base is at this Soundcloud Page

    but i'll be posting links for downloads in this thread in hopes to avoid the fate the NuBreed Radio thread suffered which was pages & pages of dead links. ...

    Long Live Electro!

  • Blips & Bleeps Podcast Episode 1:



    DJ Skeme - Babble Intro
    D-Omen - Sotta
    Vidrio vs Gosub - I Know You Know
    Neonicle - Plasman
    Luke Eargoggle - B3 Untitled (BUNKER 3036)
    Neonicle - End
    Giuseppe Mereu - Grow
    Pip Williams - Fundamental
    DVS NME - Transhuman
    AECK - Three Strings Breaking
    Dynarec - Silver Tourist
    Roger - So Free
    Antilogic - Cold Wave
    Diamondback Kid feat. Urban Jedi - Superfunk
    Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back (Dynamix II remix feat. Maggotron & DJ Qbert)

    Blips & Bleeps Podcast Episode 2:



    Part 2
    play list:
    ITERATION CORPORATION - Schwarz Sonne Theorie
    Robodrum - Robot Invader
    Drexciya - Hydro Theory
    EMS - Gi-Ne-Tik
    dynArec ‎- Fluid Leak
    ILLEKTROLAB - Temporal Interference
    Luke Eargoggle - Grossglockner Oberseite
    ITERATION CORPORATION - Spatial Hyperslices
    Cybereign - Laser Gun
    SCAPE ONE - Force Field
    Ectomorph - Breakthrough

  • DJ Skeme - Blips & Bleeps Episode 3


    Anthony Rother - Automat
    Jeff Pils - Hunting Sausage
    Boris Divider - Strike My Mechanoid
    Franck Kartell - Hawaiian Airlines
    Unborn - Skylab Program
    Microcontrolunit - Dark Matters (Fleck ESC remix)
    Silicon Scally - Ghost Wires
    Darxus - Hoover
    Mystery Man - Transistor Part II
    Scape One - Traces
    Sync 24 - Sense 1
    Franck Sarrio - Robotic Invasion (Original Mix)
    Umwelt - Spiruline
    Deemphasis - Hidden Sun

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