Electronic Cafe Radio 11@2015 Wavelet Electro Mix

  • Wavelet's electro set starts from the minute 90.


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    1) Dg! - Sigma Algebra (Unreleased)
    2) Ben Milstein - Test Drive (Pyramid Transmissions)
    3) The Exaltics - Mother-Ship to Solaris (Transient Force)
    4) Ben Milstein - Seven (Outside Recordings)
    5) Clatterbox - Data Stream (Frustated Funk)
    6) Fleck E.S.C - Morphinology (Battery Park Studio)
    7) CRC - Holographic Memories (Cultivated Electronics)
    8) Aux 88 - Aux Express/DJ K-1 Beat Mix (Direct Beat)
    9) Romplex - All The Time (Vocode)
    10) Egyptian Lover - Planet E/Emix (Egyptian Empire Records)
    11) Autobot-1000 vs Dj Dijital - Bass Programmer/Dj Dijital Mix (Twilight 66 Records)
    12) WestBam - Terminator (Low Spirit Recordings)
    13) Electronome - Bass Commander (Murder Capital)
    14) Silicon Scally - Population III (Satamile Records)
    15) Clone Theory - Stereoselective Synthesis (PolymeResearch)
    16) Clatterbox - Synthetic Lifeform (Z-bop)
    17) Sougon - Ippon Redux/Boris Divider RMX (DeadLock Records)
    18) Mandroid - Clockwork Mannequin (Breakin)
    19) Phoenecia - YIntercpnkt (Warp Records)
    20) Drexciya - Wapejumper (Underground Resistence)

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