Various - Time (Electro Avenue Records) 2x12"

  • Various - Time (Electro Avenue Records)
    transparent green and red 2x12" vinyl album

    01.) The DJ Producer - Unfathomable Depths
    02.) Dagobert - First Parsec
    03.) Lion FX - Droid Slum
    04.) The System - System Overload
    05.) Dibu-Z
    06.) Daniel Savio - Angel Dust
    07.) Downrocks - The New World
    08.) Electro Ave feat. Kool Rock Ski (of the Fat Boys) - 1982
    09.) Reeno - Night In 1975
    10.) Hadamard - Sexual Peak
    11.) Mr Velcro Fastener - Letter From Overseas
    12.) The Artificial Arm
    13.) Thomas Kress - Artificial Fame
    14.) The Dexorcist
    15.) Herobotic - Out Of Time

    Vinyl exclusively available from

    Electro Ave feat. Kool Rock Ski (of the Fat Boys) - 1982:…ockSki_1982.mp3

    Album Medley Mix:

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