Elektrodos. The Compilation.

  • ELEKTRODOS: The Compilation is a project born from the online radio show ELEKTRODOS, in which veterans electro artists are featured, as well as new up and coming producers. The show is a presentation platform for national and international electro artists and producers.

    With ELEKTRODOS: The Compilation, we want to go a step further. Celebrating our 100th show at the release date of this album, we want to expand our platform. The concept: a 20 track album of the best new and veteran electro produces. The result: this great selection of different individual styles of electro from these great and sometimes unknown artists, who selflessly contribute their work to produce this release which shows the breadth and wealth of electro and its underground community.

    ELEKTRODOS: The Compilation contains the following artists and tracks:

    1. Amper Clap – Message From Hell
    2. Ascensión Èlectronique – Coming Into Being
    3. Binary Systems – Hydrochloride
    4. Cody Commando – X-Ray Delta One
    5. Dark Vektor – Tensual
    6. Derfyl – My Evil Ways
    7. Franck Kartell – Hawaiian Airlines
    8. Gravedad Cinética – Virus
    9. Juan Del Rio – Synthetic Crossing
    10. Lektroid – Communication
    11. MIDI K84 – Tu Programa De Electro
    12. Negocius Man – Bad Influencies
    13. Orko - The Mission Bass
    14. Robertiano Filigrano – Electro Philosophy
    15. Silicon Scally – System Addict
    16. Tainted Cell – Data 300
    17. The Outsider – Hitcher
    18. The Zenobit3 – Hellseeker
    19. Vema & Diodes – My Game
    20. Yoshihiro Hayashi – Sailing Stars


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