V/A - AD ASTRA (Les Disques Cockpit 2015)


    7€ (+ shipping)

    Tracklist :
    VAGUE FROIDE - Parallel Shift
    HOLTZ - 32
    NOAMM&MISS NOIR - Subcellular Sensing
    POLADROÏD - Batman Theme
    NOISE&NOISE - The Earth’s Core
    FACELESS MIND - Slavskeppet
    DVSNME - High Rise
    DAS MUSTER - Rekategorisierung
    ALEK STARK - Underground
    ITPDWIP - Molecular dispatch sent back to forward
    MIKRON - Mirror Shard
    CPU - Radarman
    FAH - Wizard’s Glare
    TUNNEL ONE - Separate Instruction Manual

    ORDER here : lesdisquescockpit@outlook.com

    ALL INFOS here : http://lesdisquescockpit.tumblr.com/

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    The space shuttle pilot

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