• Welcome everyone to the upgraded Electro Empire community & sorry for the downtime!

    After successfully completing a little marathon of software and server problems, we seized the opportunity to not only fix things, but also to make a full update of the community software and design. The previous software was already running since 2008, and because it had so many custom made changes, it was not very flexible regarding keeping it updated, which ultimately caused the problems.

    No data was lost during the transfer to the new community software. User accounts, private messages and threads have all been transferred.

    We are now back on a fresh new server with up-to-date & easy to maintain community software. The new design also comes with some important features to meet todays usability requirements.

    The new design is programmed "responsive", which means it adapts automaticly to whatever size your screen is on the mobil phone, tablet or home computer. If you are on a home computer, try resizing your browser window to see the effect!

    You can now also use your Facebook or Twitter account to register and login to ElectroEmpire.com. No more extra password for EE, login with just 1 click. For more info click here!

    Embedding YouTube, Soundcloud, JunoDownload, Mixcloud players has become much easier! All you need to do is to copy & paste the full URL from your browser and the players will appear automaticly. The only exception stays Bandcamp. For more info click here!

    We are well aware that these are no easy times for traditional community websites like this, and of course we already had thoughts of giving up like all the other Electro forums that once were. But then again we think it's important to keep this special platform the first & oldest Electro internet community (established 1998) running as a last independent sanctuary for everyone escaping the social media matrix and everyone who simply appreciates an easy accessable, unfiltered look at spam-free, concentrated Electro activities packed into one place that's run entirely by the scene for the scene.

    In recent times the ElectroEmpire.com website had about 15 million hits per year, so despite that posting activity didn't set new records, this means that a lot of people (and some robots :cylon: ) keep looking here every day. Help us (or ultimately yourself) to fill EE with things worth looking! Promote yourself, your new releases, radio show or help spread the word for new or old music that has not been mentioned here before. Discuss, ask & share your knowledge.

    Although running the technical side of EE costs money, we will never ask for donations. Never the less, if you ever feel like supporting this platform, why not take a look at the output of the Electro Empire record label (click here) that launched in 2014 and receive some fresh music in return. New releases will be coming soon!

    We hope you like the new design or will get used to it soon. For any questions or feedback, reply in this thread or use the contact form.

    "May the empire endure!"

  • Let´s go people!! The entire electro heads like me thanks you all !

    Brazilian Bass Connection is in the house. Tks for all the respect and support from this incredible project


  • Great to see this site back up and alive!

    It's a lot of hard work trying to keep forums up. Between server issues, upgrades issues and moderation duties, a site like this can take control of all your time. So I'm sure I speak for most users here when I say thank you and we all appreciate your efforts!

  • Looks great! Good to see the community is back and looking modern :)

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  • welcome back, you've been missed E.E., nice to have this website rather than having to use other social media for gathering information and news on electro along with other content found here on this site. :) :headspin:

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