July 2015 Gear Highlight | AIRA System 1m

  • Roland returns once again, as it becomes increasingly clear the company is on a quest to re-assert itself as the hardware revolution continues, and rightfully so; it was one of the originators, and while it seemed to take a step back during the "Digital Revolution", here they are again innovating and setting the bar even higher than before. Introducing the AIRA modular System 1m synthesizer, a continuation of their AIRA plug out series, this time stepping into the Modular rack systems domain as the interest in that type of instruments continues to grow.

    The best part about this-as if a modular synth coming from Roland, and at a nice price wasn't enough-is the fact that as in the rest of the series, plug in versions can be uploaded straight into the machine without the need for computers, so you always have more than meets the eye. Never before have we had a synthesizer that not only gave you everything on the panel, as well as multiple versions of other old school legendary machines that could be controlled without any programming or mapping. This isn't even making mention of the fact that...Continue Reading!


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