I want to make electro. Where to start??

  • I don't know whether to start with an instrument, a machine or a software. Before I spend tons of money that I don't have... any advice ??? Thanks!!

    I am a novice please be kind.

  • Depends on your budget, if youve got some extra wedge then go hardware, heres a list of goodies that you could use in your set up

    Roland tr 808
    Roland tr 606
    Roland tb 303
    Roland sh 101
    Oberheim DMX
    Akai MPC 1000, 2500, 5000
    Roland Jupitor 6, 8
    Korg ESX 1
    Roland Juno 6, juno 60
    Oberheim ob 8
    Jomox 888
    Oberheim matrix 12

    Thats just a taster, you need your kit with midi or usb with a good sound card and interface in your pc, some of the kit listed above is pre midi but kenton do a midi converter. Personally i prefer hardware its a better sound quality but then again some people prefer software so its all down to preference, i hoped this has helped you a little bit.

  • Hi Urbanjedi Thanks for the advice! Hrmmm.... I just don't wanna end up sitting in front of the computer to make my music. Those machines do seem rare and expensive....

  • Theres plenty of other good mid range priced hardware that you can use too, the above list is just the cream of the crop, how much are you looking to spend ?

  • Quote from urbanjedi

    Theres plenty of other good mid range priced hardware that you can use too, the above list is just the cream of the crop, how much are you looking to spend ?

    can u pls suggest something in the mid-range that i can maybe start with?? thanks!

  • Quote from urbanjedi

    Akai mpc 1000
    Korg ESX 1 ( dope sampler better than the akai 1000 i.m.o. )
    Korg ms 2000
    Roland Juno 6 ( this is pre midi so try and get one with midi converter if you can )

    a good place to look is http://www.soundonsound.com
    some times you can get some good bargains on there.

    Thanks, urbanjedi.
    Yes, the MPC and Korg stuff u mentioned seem pretty versatile. Though I play keyboard so I am probably better off on a keyboard - what I really want is one of these things Paul Hardcastle plays in this D-Train video:

  • Quote from tele

    DMX is a beauty though! I have only seen it in a pic - not a real one :-[

    Yeh The DMX is a classic but the DX is better, as its easier to modify the the sound chips inside, they made 2 versions of the DX the later model had midi, i used to own one but i had the earlier model without midi but it was still fun to use.

  • Quote from lj

    the thing he is playing is probably a yamaha kx5.
    i don't know if it's any good though except that it looks cool. :D
    that monster bass sound is definitely not the kx5 though.

    yes, you are probably right lj - it prolly just looks kinda cool :)
    i love that video though :D!

  • Better start with some easy softwares like REASON or FL studio, to learn the basics of electro production, and to explore that sound. You can't by all that vintage gear in few days.Maybe you will need years to find some of that, but just be patient.:)

    Hope so i helped.:D

    Direct Control

  • If I was you i would go out and buy a MIDI keyboard, load up FL Studio or Reason, or both, rig up the keyboard to the computer, hey presto, hands on action and a whole plethora of synths to play with. Then, if you find you like it enough to seriously look into buying a vintage synth, no loss.

    If I was to buy a new synth today though, and spend serious cash I wouldn`t take the vintage route, i would go for one of these instead...


  • As a drummer, I prefer acoustics over electronic. But, in the case of electronic music, you can find many reasonable electronic drum sets (yes a drum set, it's organic and you can actually hit it!) that interface with recording software. I have Reason & FL7 and love them both as far as recording software. They have plenty of banks of drum sounds but nothing beats the real thing like the old 808's and the Oberhiem. Although, that shouldn't discourage you from experimenting with different sounds.

  • peace all . does any one knw whr 2 get a dmx fixed /restored . the bass dont work and various errors show up.also doesnt store some paterns for sum reason any help would be great .peaceout

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