2T Lothario - Tyme 2 Dance

  • Now this isn't a pure electro/rap record as usually shown here...it's a Hip Hop record from Alaska 1992.
    But the samples used from Afrika Bambaataa's Looking For The Perfect Beat and Hashim's Al-Naafyish make it
    something some people in here will enjoy I think. Pretty unknown I think and somewhat rare...so this could be a place to add this.

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  • nice melodic hip hop tune, like many others from the late 80's and early 90's.
    this one is new to me, so thx for the tip. I give it 7 of 10 points, + for the melodies and electro samples, - for the rap.

    will keep my eyes open for a copy (but not for the discogs prices)

  • Seb, I got this UNDER the $50 range...it does pop up on Ebay sometimes, and its not that wellknown, very good change you get this also under $50!

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