September 2015 Gear Highlight | Roland JX DA

  • Roland is on fire folks, what else can we say? The company has been seeing a tremendous breath of fresh air following through its corridors as we continue to see machine after machine released that is creating such hype in hardware, that it may be safe to say music making with plug-ins is a fish dead in the water. Surely there is no argument that recording with software is an unbeatable tool that we will only continue to build upon, but having the ability to pay the same for a wonderful instrument that becomes an extension of you, rather than an extension file that sits somewhere in the dark alleys of your computer that never really quites inspires the same degree of creativity, is an idea we can no longer ignore.

    Here again, is another fine synthesizer; though we must say a slightly pricey one considering the great tags on some of the recent AIRA releases, nonetheless a beautiful Analog/Digital hybrid dubbed the "JD XA". This might be the most versatile and powerful synth we have seen yet folks, allowing for the interconnectivity of its signal paths, to truly mix it all to your ear's desire. 4 parts each, give you both analog and digital synth engines, along with dedicated filters that can have either signal fed through them, not to mention the fact you can play all the...Read on!

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