Robert Cosmic - My Universe - [MARS016]

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    Robert Cosmic (Spain) is back with a new album with 6 tracks full of bass, vocoders and space funk sounds.

  • Our review of this incredible release by Robert Cosmic:

    Robert Cosmic, respected Spanish Electro artist who by now has had his share of releases on numerous labels like Debonaire Records, Battery Park Studio, and Subsonic Device to name a few, returns here with a fabulous E.P. called "My Universe" on his own Mars Frequency Records.

    This eclectic marvel of Electro Music contains 6 songs full of ingenuity and perfectly balanced grooves to make you move your body. Robert's style is characterized by funky, slightly abstract compositions met by classy 808 Electro Bass beats that create fun and intriguing listening music, that provides just enough energy to get a dancefloor going.

    The first song on this record is a short, but highly enthusiastic production called "Loading...", which commences with alluring pads, as it quickly unravels into a Rotherish-styled jam carried by a spacey atmosphere that is aided by computerized female vocals that welcome you into Robert Cosmic's personal universe. Up next "Back To Reality" quickly brings you back into your senses as this...Read more!

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