40 minute Megamix DJ Quest/DJ 2 Fresh/Kid Ginseng

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    Elektro Flexx (Bionic Funk)" Compiled, mixed & scratched by DJ Quest, 2 Fresh & Kid Ginseng.
    free download.
    San Francisco's DJ Quest and DJ 2 Fresh link with Kid Ginseng to blast obscure and well- known electro boogie, ripping your mind back to what the future would have sounded like. A synthetic paradise of funk! listen and find your favorite tracks included:)

  • Hey, thanks man.

    much appreciated. we try to stand out with our scratching. DJ Quest (the real one, of san francisco) invented hamster style and I've been scratching in reverse like that for 3 years. props to Tony Vegas from Scratch Perverts in the UK for doing some crazy hamster style sets at the DMC world finals15 years ago.

    anyway, glad you dig it. and cool picture of a DMX.


    :)-r KG

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