Alavux - Octagon EP [Bass Agenda Recordings]

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    Alavux - Octagon // 6 track vinyl + 3 digital bonus tracks
    With a discography spanning over 40 releases on labels such as DJ Godfather's legendary 'Twilight 76', Vegim's 'tmmr' and Roman Zawodny's 'UKR' Alavux makes his third appearance on Bass Agenda Recordings at the pinnacle of the evolution of his cutting edge electro techno hybrid sound…
    Limited to 250 copies worldwide. Available direct from Bandcamp and soon from stores such as Juno and Distributed by MSR Distro (Vienna),
    Forget what you know, it will soon be destroyed by an Octagon shaped sonic-boom. The future is now.
    3.Digitized Bass
    7.Noon (bonus) 06:36
    8.1984 (bonus) 04:55
    9.1984 (Warsaw Hoolz retouch) (bonus) 04:19…-3-bonus-tracks

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