Moog Werkstatt-01 | November 2015 Gear Highlight

  • Moog is back, and after much success at the Moogfest 2014 festival in Asheville, North Carolina, where VIP engineering session attendees got to learn how to build their own Monophonic synthesizer, a huge demand from the general public came flooding in to the company who has decided to release a build kit of one of their most interesting instruments to date...the Werkstatt-01! An analog Monophonic Semi-Modular synthesizer with a powerful sound, boasting the infamous Moog 4-Pole Ladder filter, and not just a generous interface given its size (think Korg Monotribe), but the option to solder your own ideas unto the circuit board and its available ports, allowing you to circuit bend to your ear's desire while learning how to build your own synthesizers.

    With CV Ins and Outs, which are patched using miniature cables, and a robust LFO section which can modulate the VCO for PWM as well as the filter section, the Werkstatt gives you...Read more!

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