VA - Urban Connections: Part III [URBAN-03] [2015]

  • VA - Urban Connections: Part III [2015] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    "Part III" is the third installment of the "Urban Connection" series. Here we will present projects to producers (known or unknown) found anywhere in the world (known or unknown) from all corners of the planet. Similarly, the idea is the scene of electronic, Specifically (Breaks, Electro, Ambient or IDM).

    01. Paracas Topara - Warning Team
    02. Robertiano Filigrano - Situationsbedingter Bewegungsabgleich
    03. 1101 - You Are Connected, Only You Can Change The World
    04. F8 vs Cloak - The Lost Mission
    05. Amper Clap - Hell Gate
    06. Kretz - Kernfusion
    07. dg! - Vector Measures
    08. Nessbeth - Fighter
    09. Cybereign - Robot Mind
    10. Amper Clap - It's In My
    11. Juan Del Rio - Stealth
    12. Paracas Topara - Future Flood

    URBAN CONNECTIONS is a project created by Amper Clap.

    I wish to thank all the artists that make up this volume, and I hope that everyone follows the same dedication to music forever.

    Released 15 October 2015


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