Boscida Und Farcher - The One - Disco Boogie Funk

  • Boscida Und Farcher - The One
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    Including Remixes By Stéphane Deschezeaux & Dynamik Bass System

    The One is the new installment from Boscida Und Farcher. It brings back the past to the future for the present.
    You get Disco Boogie Funk synths all over your body and crispy drums on every step.
    The guitar riff shows up that there are no limits for this dance.
    That will be your moment on The One, because it is a natural way to extend the musical genres.

    Dynamik Bass System is back on track and give you the pure electric funk feeling from the back in da daze for its remix. Breathtaking rolling beats paired with the classic synth ensembles. Its your face in the bass at all. Enjoy the trip to outta space with the heavyweight electro funk mastermind Dynamik Bass System.

    Boscida Und Farcher rearranged The One to a Bass And Drum Mix.
    The live drums will change all your standard meanings and boundaries of electronic music.
    Youll will fall slow down into a hybrid live jam. Just fasten your seat belts, the journey is not over.

    Stéphane Deschezeaux is currently our Boogie King from France.
    Hes teasing The One with a charm of disco, funk, smooth rhythms, organic instruments and subtly chosen effects what bring back them all together gently.
    Stéphanes remix radiates warm grooves which is a perfect way to dance to it.

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