Kurt Y. Gödel - Chord Rememory (Yuyay Records) 12'' + HYBOID remix

  • Kurt Y. Gödel - Chord Rememory (Yuyay Records 009)
    12" vinyl EP, hand-numbered limited edition (150 copies)

    A1. Chord Memory (Hyboid’s Galactic Memory)
    A2. Chord Memory (Robyrt Hecht’s Pivot Memory)
    A3. Execute
    B1. Chord Memory (Milium’s Mutiny Memory)
    B2. Chord Memory (CCO’s Echoic Memory)
    B3. Memory Loss

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    Download & vinyl also available via Yuyay Records:

  • Electro-goodness of the other tracks beside; B3 features some interestingly cosy ambient track. We decided to accompany it with a romantic video. Check here and get involved:

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