Possblthings: [PT01] Robyrt Hecht - Percept

  • This year Leipzig's record store Possblthings finally made their mission in music service complete and pressed their first own 12" vinyl featuring four electro tunes of mine accompanied by Contra Communem Opinionem from Zürich and my Clear-Memory-mates Milium and XY0815 - "Clear Memory" being an electro endorsing collective based in Leipzig. More goodness to come!

    Come by the record shop if by some coincidence you're in town: http://possblthings.net/

    And here's the record (distributed via CLONE):

    Robyrt Hecht - Percept [Possblthings Records]
    A1 You're Just A Narrative Told By Your Brain
    A2 Deception Manoeuvre (feat. Milium)
    B1 Apperceptive Move (feat. XY0815)
    B2 Sequence Of Subception (feat. CCO)

    Buy 12": Clone , Juno , HHV , Decks
    Full Listen:

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