Evanton new album "Sunglasses Funk" + merch

  • From Evanton's facebook:

    "More than a year after the release of "Systematic", we are proud to present to you our new, 14th album, "Sunglasses Funk"! We strongly believe that this release is the peak of our project in terms of synthesis, production and mastering of its 12 tracks! Pre-order now your copy (official release date is Monday, Feb 6) and let yourselves be seduced by a delirium of synthesized disco and funk, in what makes this record a standard future classic! After all... in times of trouble funk is the only solution!!
    (Remember: original album merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, smartphone cases & skins, mugs and many more) is available on Redbubble:http://www.redbubble.com/people/evanton…sunglasses-funk )"

  • From Evanton's facebook:

    "Out NOW: our new album "Sunglasses Funk"! 12 songs of pure retro synth passion! From the classy italo vibes of "Rodeo Drive", "Illusion" and "Dancing Shoes", to the relentless nrg of "Much Too Much", "1 2 3 4" and "Jump Up!". And from the oldschool electro/b-boy dopeness of the title track and the tough italo funk of "Itchin'...", to the perfect FM rock of "Thunderheart" and the euro epicness of "Raiders" (and let's not forget the cinematic groove of the last track, "End Titles"!). It's all in there, in what makes this album a FUTURE CLASSIC! Show your love and support and get it on our Bandcamp! ROCK ON PEOPLE!!"

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