In search of 2 rare L.A tracks from 1989-90ish

  • Hi, I got a tape from the early 90's that was sent to me from a guy based in san fransisco back in 1990 I think where 2 fantastic tracks are :
    doom city rockers : there is a war in L.A
    and Mc corrupt : sinister
    I can't find any info bout those 2 tracks on google nor on you tube, can anybody help ? Thanks !
    I'd appreciate with some details bout them and mp3 if possible.

    P.s : there is aswell a fun beer commercial rapped by King-T on the tape, pretty good one actually.

  • Could u please upload the "torture" track as mp3 to see if it matches mine, I might remember wrong the title or the dj on the radio told it wrong.
    Thanks !

  • Alright guys, I finally found a tape recorder to transfer the files to garage band.
    Here is the unknown track I am looking for :

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