EE-004: OHVERCLOCK - Rezonation (Electro Empire Records) 12" vinyl

  • Electro Empire pres.
    Ohverclock "Rezonation" (EE-004)

    A1. Rezonation (Extended 12" Mix)
    B1. Rezonation (Beat Mix)
    B2. Rezonation (Vocoder Acapella)

    The Florida-based duo Ohverclock aka Grow and Kounterakt join the Electro Empire: sub label of Germany's Dominance Electricity, to give their epic ElectroBass banger Rezonation the maxi-single treatment. Taken from the mini-album Sagittal Future (CHP Recordings Ltd.), the three brand new versions, including an Extended Mix, instrumental Bonus Beat Mix and a Vocoder acapella, will please everyone into the new Miami Bass sound in the vein of Jackal & Hyde, Dynamix II or Code Rising. Rezonate to this!

    ▶ 12'' VINYL
    limited edition black & transluzent red available from:


    ▶ Please share and help spread Electro! :assimilate:

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  • Tune in today @ 3pm EST (8pm UTC), for the June episode of Voltage Controlled. This time around Morphogenetic showcases new works from the Electro Empire label group, with new tunes from Cli-N-Tel on Ground Control Records, as well as a firey new hit from the Ohverclock boys, not to mention a real catchy jam from Electro Funk overlord CeeOnic. You have to hear this stuff! :)


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