renew paths apart monopolized gated communities

  • i just stumbled across ee yesterday and it seems to me as it is exactly what we need now more then ever.

    although i found devotees of my subculture over here, i see that there's no traffic going on here but inside the big capitalist knowledge-bubbles eg. farcebook. but wait - isn't it necessary to keep our knowledge outside the majors filter-algorithms to provide their overtaking and save our sound? hell yeah, it is!
    this is why i'm so excited that i found you all here, so i want you to remember ee and your basic approach apart the monopolized media and wish we will meet more often here in future times. as gil scott heron said: the revolution will not be televised

  • Hello and welcome!

    Yes, this forum is still running to have a last independet platform for this music that is not part of the social media filter matrix, and it's here to stay. 8)

    Not a lot of discussions anymore, but people still come to check and share release news etc.

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