Andrew Red Hand @ Tresor, Berlin 2017

  • Andrew Red Hand @ Tresor, Berlin 2017

    Almost all my set recorded live at perhaps the most legendary techno club in the world and my favorite, Tresor, Berlin ! After having the honor of playing upstairs in the Globus room two times before, this time was down in the dope basement, behind bars ! :)
    A very special night, my greatest dj experience so far, together with some legends : Detroit Techno Militia and Vince Watson. Event :

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    ARH - M>O>S Recordings / Lobster Theremin / Chiwax / 10 Pills Mate / Matrix Records / Twilight 76 / Detroit Underground / Databass / Detroit Techno Militia / Cratesavers Intl / Bass Agenda ... # Soundcloud # Facebook # Bandcamp # Discogs

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