(Interview) Will Web: The Iconic Artist on the Detroit-Miami Connection and More!

  • Will Web is a legend in his own right. Getting his starts back in Detroit on the mighty Direct Beat imprint, his career has been one that few can dream of. Unique comes to mind when thinking of his music, but innovative and ingenious are two other aspects that are hard to deny when listening to the highly sophisticated songs he is able to create.

    With nearly 3 decades of music industry experience, and a sound and career that are ever evolving, Will Web is a leader in the Electro scene that inspires and amazes artists and fans around the world with an uncanny ability to deliver proper Electro beats to the masses without compromise. This month, as we proudly launch this new adventure we call the Electric Kingdom, we are equally proud to get a chance to sit down with this incredible futurist to see what he has been up to and what we can expect in the future from him, his music, and his powerful imprint Zero One Music. Let's get started!

    Santino Fernandez : Welcome Will! Thanks for helping Chris and I with the launch of this new magazine by taking some time to chat. Let’s not begin the usual way of talking about how you got started, but rather let me ask: What have you been up to lately musically?

    Will Web: First, let me start by thanking you and Chris for making me part of your inaugural issue. I have been pretty busy lately with remixes. I just finished a remix of “Pursuit” by Juno Lazermachine and I am currently working on a remix of a new track called “La Lune” by DJ Mourad; who is a fellow deepspaceradio.com DJ from overseas. I am working on a few collaborations with some of Electro’s finest. I am also trying to get some new solo material out this year, maybe even a...Read more.


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