Helena Hauff Essential Mix of the Year 2017

  • I was surprised to see an electro and techno set won best Essential Mix of the year.

    I'd not heard of her before and got it on now. Electro must be popular again? :borg:

    Tracklist is stacked

    Helena Hauff – Essential Mix 2017-02-25 tracklist:
    Obergman – Rosetta [Brokntoys]
    Jenson Interceptor – Mactavis [Central Processing Unit]
    Urbanjedi – Journey To Jupiter [Melodies Souterraines]
    Sync 24 & Silicon Sally – Clickjacking (Vox Edit) [Cultivated Electronics]
    Transparent Sound – No Call From New York (Original Acid Mix) [Electrix Records]
    Fallbeil – Kontrolled Madness [Return To Disorder]
    W1b0 – Utopia Planitia [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Sem – Hybrid [Electron Industries]
    A Credible Eye Witness – Episode 6 [ACEW]
    The Exaltics – The Crash [Solar One Music]
    dynArec – Moving Corridors [New Flesh]
    DMX Krew – X-Ray [Rephlex]
    Drexciya – Unknown Journey IV [Clone Classic Cuts]
    Drexciya – Black Sea (Aqualung Version) [Clone Aqualung Series]
    dynArec – Capital Sins [Electrix Records]
    The Hacker – At Night [UMF Records]
    BS-1 – The Only Exit [Marguerita Recordings]
    Cosmic Force – Bass Drum Kix [Marguerita Recordings]
    AUX 88 – Interface [Direct Beat]
    Dark Vektor – Vektorial [Omniamm]
    Das Muster – Fern Und Nah (feat. Nincho9000) [Stilleben Records]
    Photodementia – Postpre [Photodementia]
    Micro Controlled Corp. – Life Style [Drivecom]
    DJ Di’jital – Bang [Underground Resistance]
    The Martians – Eagle Dance [Red Planet]
    The Horrorist – The Virus [A45 Music]
    Alien FM – It’s About The Bangin [Puzzlebox Records]
    The Advent – Untitled [Kombination Research]
    UR – Nannytown [Underground Resistance]
    AS1 – Speaker Sex [Last Known Trajectory]
    Paul Blackford – Fallout [Breakin’ Records]
    Adam Beyer – Untitled [Drumcode]
    DJ Stingray – NUDGE THEORY [Bleep43 Recordings]
    Urban Tribe – RNA World [Rephlex]


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