Naks - Jak Seq III

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    The most electro mix from the Jak Seq series:

    Jak Seq III

    01. New York City Survivors - Shortcut [Dum Records]
    02. Umwelt - (U=E-RL) [Rave Or Die]
    03. Clatterbox - Genetic Code [Frustrated Funk]
    04. Dynarec - Avec De L'Esprit [Vaporwave]
    05. Ashtar Lavanda - Rozwell [Ultramajic]
    06. DeFeKT - Mental Ease [Zone]
    07. Sprawl - Time [Art-Aud]
    08. D'Marc Cantu - Audiophile [Kode]
    09. Mantra - In Flux [Polybius Trax]
    10. Go Nuclear - Techno World (Detroit's Filthiest Remix) [Electro Empire]
    11. Yaleesa Hall - Zoe Price [Will & Ink]
    12. Mars 2008 - Love In The Net [Electrecord]
    13. DJ Overdose - Meltdown Is Imminent [RotterHague Records]
    14. Hieroglyphica - Nuclear [PSEUDO SCIENCE]
    15. Minimum Syndicat - Battle Dress [Rave Or Die]
    16. -=UHU=- - Deep In The Ocean [Blind Allies]
    17. Damcase - PI03.5 [Pi Electronics]
    18. Mono Junk - Minä unelmoin, minä rakastin [Vortex Traks]

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