AECK - Phases Of Risk

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    A new mostly but not strictly electro mix that I put up not too long ago. Regards to you EE! :headspin:

    01. PL_anet - Utopian Vibes [self-released]
    02. Omar S - 3c 273 [FXHE Records]
    03. AECK - Admirable Endurance [Awkward Aches Records]
    04. Andreas Gehm - I Don't Dare [Solar One Music]
    05. Velvet Acid Christ - The Hand (Cut Throat Psycho Rave) [Metropolis Records]
    06. Impakt - Kinetic Battle [self-released]
    07. Jauzas & g13ck - El Hombre Misterioso [Aztlán]
    08. AECK - Challenge Your Chain [Elektrodos Recordings]
    09. XOSAR - Extraterrestrial Love Affair [self-released]
    10. Dagobert - On The Run [Dominance Electricity]
    11. T/Error - Isotope 420 [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    12. Komarken Electronics - Ishvara [AC Records]
    13. Analogous Doom - Angle Of Attack [Mathematics Recordings]
    14. Effort Initiators - Oblique Instincts [upcoming on New York Haunted]
    15. Omar S - Day (Long Mix) [FXHE Records]
    16. AECK - Aging Lasers [Aztlán]
    17. Gosub - Plug In [Solar One Music]
    18. Wav Fuzz - Bahia Morphine [Les Yeux Orange]
    19. Acidwolf - Blue Morning Drive [Marguerita Recordings]
    20. Erell Ranson - A Moment With You [Comp For Andreas Gehm]
    21. FAH - Love Arp [self-released]
    22. Rude 66 - The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes [Bordello A Parigi]
    23. Halvtrak - Fresnel Zones [Cold Blow]
    24. AECK - Ingrown Mortal [upcoming on Aztlán]

    also available at:…ases-of-risk%2F

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