Two track IDs, please

  • I know the first and probably have it on vinyl...

    It's not on the From Beyond series as I first thought. Maybe something on Serotonine Records...
    Sven Väth played it in an Electro set at Evosonic radio in 1998. Mix isn't online anywhere unfortunately.
    I still know I hunted down every track from that set and got them all on vinyl... but what is it again....

    That's gonna keep my mind busy now... :brainslug:

  • Thanks for giving this some consideration.

    The second one's having a similar effect on me. ;D

    EDIT: First track is Si Begg - Another Place

    Many thanks to douglasaa1 on Discogs.

    FURTHER EDIT: Second track is The Sketchers - Liposuction

    Thanks to Sledge63 on Discogs.

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