Carl Finlow Announces "MIDI Archeology" Remix Contest

  • Carl Finlow is a man that hardly needs an introduction. With a vast career that spans nearly 3 decades, with various projects such as Black Labs (with Daz Quayle and Kevin Walsh), Voice Stealer, IL.EK.TRO, Silicon Scally, and many others, the man is one of the single most iconic figures in the Electro scene...and he just keeps going!

    Hot on the heels of his new vinyl release "Boolean" on Craigie Knowes label, as well as recent remixes for artists like Mr. Velcro Fastener and Mauro Nakimi, Carl Finlow recently announced a very interesting project that for him, may be the most important of his career thus far: the "MIDI Archeology" box set on Fundamental Records.

    Comprised of 6 vinyl records, the project is the product of Finlow's recovery of many of his tunes from the 90's which were buried in old CD's and DVD's, reworked by the artist and remixed by many of your favorite names like ADJ, The Exaltics, Hardfloor, Radioactive Man, and many more. 4 of the vinyl records feature the artist's reworks of his music, while 2 more will feature all the remixes mentioned. But here is where you come in: There will actually be a 7th record included in this set as well, which will essentially be a 3rd remixes record that will be carefully picked by Carl Finlow himself, allowing any willing participant to submit their remix to Fundamental Records.

    The idea behind the track selection goes a bit deeper still however, in that it methodically cancels out any potential for picking out certain artists over others, in favor of previous history or successes, by using an alphanumeric system in place of artist names and song titles (ie. a312An2389Xx.wav). Once chosen, the remixer can choose to use their artist name and song title of course, or leave it as is.

    Deadline for this project is December 14th, so act fast if you would like to be part of this monumental endeavor. The only other rule is all remixes must be submitted as a WAV/AIFF, and must be under 5 minutes long.

    You can find everything you need to get started, including Ableton Live 9 data, by going here.

    If you'd like to get an idea of the musical concept behind the project, listen to this new mix by DVS NME introducing the music of MIDI Archaeology.

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