Pretty Tony (Biographical article)

  • Tony "Pretty Tony" Butler is a very mysterious producer. Working behind the scenes on productions that many people would perhaps be surprised that he was even involved in, he has helped lay the groundwork for the path that our music has taken over the years. From groups like Freestyle to Debbie Deb and her hit single "When I Hear Music", he has been the key component in some of Electro's hottest releases of the past.

    Starting out as a local DJ in his hometown, Tony Butler quickly got inspired to turn it into a serious business. Working out deals with his high school activities coordinators and radio stations, he soon turned it into Florida's most successful mobile DJ group. Not long after, a couple of members from the American Football team "The Miami Dolphins", approached Tony along with a six franchise Burger King owner to help put together a skating rink which would go on to become one of the most lucrative in the southeastern United States.

    All of this was all good for Tony, but his real passion was to make music...and music he made...oodles of it! All winding up classics that still to this day get as much airplay in many cases, as any other hit with major relevance to the direction Electro Funk and eventually the Electro Bass sounds have taken over the years.

    Pretty Tony's first shot at becoming a successful producer was with a track written by the Mills Brothers Calvin and Carlton, called "Summer Delight". He would soon follow up with the debut of Freestyle Express, now known as Freestyle Evolution, which would bring about such classics as "it's Automatic" and Don't Stop The Rock!". Tony Butler also produced the Debbie Deb classics "When I hear Music" and "Lookout Weekend", and the hit songs by Trinere "All Night" and "I'll Be All You Ever Need". His own works as Pretty Tony can also be found in songs like "Computer Language", "Will We Ever Learn", and "Jam The Box".

    Tony has also launched his label called "Countdown Music Group" as well as a new group called "Digital Footprint", and seems to have...Read more.

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