Electro Mixes for your listening pleasure (or displeasure.. Im hoping, pleasuree tho... ;)

  • Hey friends! firstly, Introductions - I spent the majority of my adult life producing house/deep-tech music but have always held a deep love for preopler electro booty breaks music.. when done right, is just a little slice of heaven in my earhole.. So, I thought itd be fun to start doing some music and mixes under a pseudonym. That being "Inter-Dimensional Warlock"

    Im cranking out about a mix a week just for fun. But I thought you boyus and girls might like to take a gander, who knows, u might even like it! :) I submit for your approval, my latest offering:

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    and theres heaps more where that came from. Right here!


    All mixes are downloadble at 320 kbps. Hope you enjoy as much as I did makin em.



  • Oh hey, since I got your collective ear(s), just curious what online portals you guys use for buying tracks? Ive been having great luck with Bandcamp, which was a surprise to me.. I just cant support a company (beatport) which refuses to acknowledge, oh, I dunno, the genre of music which ushered in ALL 'EDM' since it's inception and is literally the godfather of dance music - with its own genre.. Unreal! What the hell is leftfield house??

    But I digress. :) Any genre specific places I should check out? every time I find an electro specific one, the website has long since expired or the like. Thank you robot friends!

  • Hey @SpruceBringstien - As far as purchasing true Electro (albeit Older or Newer) - most of the GOOD stuff will still be found on vinyl pressings (and some, if not most of it, long out of print.)

    Bandcamp is phenomenal and has been my go-to as-of the latter, but I find there are quite a number of artists who prefer to use Beatport due to its overall reach in comparison.

    As for finding things actually categorized under the correct genre (i.e. "Electro" - good luck, as that would likely turn-up Electro-House well before it turns-up anything actually resembling what most here would consider Electro.)

    I personally don't even bother to find things under a correct genre. Most of the time if I'm looking for something on Beatport, it's very specific and I usually do-so by artist, release or label name.

    Could you give some examples of the Artists, Tracks or even Labels of the Electro that is to your liking? That might help in pointing you in the right direction. :)

  • Yeah, You're right, a lot of my favorite tunes seem to be somewhat older.. is it me or was there like a real renaissance period for electro around 2010, 2011? Seems like electro is headed to a more mainstream audience these days.. maybe they'll let us have our name back in 2019! :)

    As for my favs, oh, youy know, the usual suspects.. Finlow, Bass Kittens / anything on Pretension, Maelstrom, Objekt, Pathic, ADJ, Fleck E.S.C. CPU, and some of the miami driven stuff, code rising, Vema Diodes, Sigma Algebra... and much much more!! You?

  • Hey @SpruceBringstien - Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what my likes are (I haven't cataloged anything I've purchased digitally but, I'm trying to archive what I do own in vinyl, listed below, via digital format and thus have left-out all the purchases recently made in said [digital] format):


    @deaflikeelvis - Nice one! Didn't know about that tag on Bandcamp, but just bookmarked it.

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