Dark Bass Electro Mix - 1 Hour - All Vinyl - Stream or download

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    :cylon: Tracklist:

    Bass Junkie – We Are Borg (DMX Krew’s Bonus Borg Mix) – Battle Trax

    Larry McCormack – Escape – Monotone

    Dexter – Intruder – Klakson

    Michael Forshaw – Work That Body – Chan & Mike’s

    The Dexorcist – Connect One – Control Tower

    The Advent – Let us Take You – Kombination Research

    Dynarec – Merquade-tre – Nature Records

    Zeta Reticula – Untitled – Electrix Records

    Exzakt – Second Wave – Satamile

    Michael Forshaw – White Label

    Bass Junkie vs The Dexorcist – Fear Teacher – Battle Trax

    Biochip C – Go Bang! (Jackal & Hyde’s Hydraulic-Bass Overhall) – Force Inc

    Dynamix ll – Ignition 747 mix – Debonaire
    Hydraulix – Krunk – Touchin’ Bass

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