Sidechain compressing - pre or post fader

  • I'm trying to understand whether sidechaining is in pre or post fader mode since in Logic Pro X I was not able to chose whether my audio track was Pre or post fader. So if I have kick track - and a sub bass and mid bass track and I put the sidechain plugin on an Aux track where the basses are collected with the input sidechain signal being the kick. Is that kick track a pre or post fader mode be default? I'm not sure I understand the benefits of pre slash post fader because to me they seem equal bad in sidechaining. So if I have a kick track but I have an EQ that boosts the low end, but that track is on a pre fader - then that boost in bass volume with my EQ will not be a part of the signal sent to the sidechain. So basically my basses on the aux will be sidechained with a faulty Kick drum. The other alternative - just as bad - would be sending the Kick drum along with effects, but with the "if you lower the volume on your kick drum when mixing - the ducking will stop"... Is there any "meet me in the middle" way to sidechain?

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