Alavux Talks About the Roland MC-505, and Why It's Such an Integral Part of His Music

  • Alavux live on his 505! © Goran Alavuk/Facebook

    Alavux is a veteran of the new school Electro sound. A persistent force with consistent output on many of the great labels such as Bass Agenda, and Twilight 76. His music, defined by an adventurous, aggressive, abstract and always ingenious spirit that pushes forward into realms unknown with pure passion for music that exists on levels most of us can barely imagine.

    By his side, and infused into basically every one of his productions, is his trusty MC-505. Roland's follow-up to their MC-303, the infamous machine that would launch their "Groovebox" series, and inspired a whole new generation of Ravers and synth enthusiasts alike to pursue a path in...Read more!

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