Andrew Red Hand - Four Heads Mix (2019)

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    '' Next in to take charge of the FH controls and buttons for the next hour or so is Andrew Red Hand. A man who's alias could easily be that of a bounty hunter, baddy in a 70's western, a marvel-esque superhero sporting one red velvet glove or a cult figurehead of an anarchist movement; alas - he is (as far as our knowledge) none of these things.

    Dubbed as the "Romanian Underground Resistance" by the late legend Aaron Carl, we imagine Andrew being deployed as Romanian style sonic Mad Max - armed only with the iron fists of Duke Nukem, a bag of Detroit records, a balaclava and a point to prove.

    Music wise, the Romanian humanoid has a wealth of powerful releases in his wake, with the likes of Lobster's '1Ø Pills', Detroits Matrix Records and two stints on M>O>S, all offering up Andrew's hard-hitting cast iron material. After this years electro-techno-acid Revolution EP on Lobster Theremin, there is plenty on this horizon with upcoming contributions on XRC, Dark Circles's and a third EP for M>O>S. Keep em' peeled. ''

    ARH - M>O>S Recordings / Lobster Theremin / Chiwax / 10 Pills Mate / Matrix Records / Twilight 76 / Detroit Underground / Databass / Detroit Techno Militia / Cratesavers Intl / Bass Agenda ... # Soundcloud # Facebook # Bandcamp # Discogs

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