Omega II - Sonic Boom

  • so i was listening to omega iii - sonic boom today and couldn't help but notice the massive amount of BASS.

    off the top of your head, what other tunes can you think of which use that kind of bass - not just as as an emphasis of the beat (the booooooming kickdrum) but as a loooooooooong underlying melodic element? which tune has the longest bass?


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  • I think I can say that the most of Debonaire's productions (Omega II is him as well side by side with T. Werner from DBS) have this kind of use for bass..... And lot of miami bass stuff using this technique, it'a a miami BASS anyway isn't it?))) I can say that Debonaire and DXJ are masterminds of the pure miami and electro bass

  • Quote from SlurpeeJunkieCraig

    I kind of find those low frequency levels of bass distracting. unless you are listening to it in a club or if somebody has a boomin' stereo in their car. Great song BTW.

    Yes, definitely there's no use for this track on my computer speakers, only in headphones or bigger stereo, but they are best in clubs. I like style of Deb or DXJ, but I don't like miami bass tracks which are built only on their low frequency bass

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