Intergalactic Express 007: The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

  • Intergalactic Express 007: The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

    01. Komarken Electronics - Better Tomorrow [Between Places]
    s1. Ellen Frediani 'I know it sounds silly' [NASA Soundcloud]
    02. Dj HasH - Cerberus [Urban Connections]
    s2. Carla Fordham 'My mother was right' [NASA Soundcloud]
    03. RT759 - Red Alert [Unreleased]
    04. Datawave - Confluence [Crobot Muzik]
    s3. Janette Roletto 'I had my kitten Poppy with me' [NASA Soundcloud]
    05. crossmods - Signal [Crobot Muzik]
    06. Mindless Evolving Objects - Lunar Trace [Distorted Sensory Perception]
    s4. Craig Good 'Young and stupid' [NASA Soundcloud]
    07. Ivna Ji - Maar (N-TER Rmx) [Етикета 4]
    08. Carlos SicRock - Jams [Digital Distortions]
    s5. Phil Konstantine 'I had to call my parents and get permission to stay later' [NASA Soundcloud]
    09. Morphology - New Horizons [Central Processing Unit]
    10. No Moon - Exoplanet Vibe Cult [Craigie Knowes]
    s6. Lisa DeVuono 'The celebration went on for a very long time' [NASA Soundcloud]
    11. Qnete & Carmel - The Trifecta [QC]
    12. Lou Karsh - Ataraxia [X-Kalay]
    13. Look Like - Dreamwaterz [Akoya Circles]
    s7. Christyl Johnson 'I ended up working at NASA' [NASA Soundcloud]
    14. DVS NME - Skip Distance [Unreleased]
    15. TenGrams - Information Corporation [N.O.I.A.]
    s8. Jim Kissane 'One of the workers had brought a small eight-inch, black-and-white television' [NASA Soundcloud]
    16. Hiver - Floor Diving [Curle]
    17. E.R.P. - Overcast [Forgotten Future]
    s9. Candy Kelly 'In Rome, we were greeted with hugs and kisses' [NASA Soundcloud]


    Have a nice walk on the Moon!

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