• Here's four Mixes by Razorcuts, grab 'em while they're hot. Two Break Mixes, and two Hip Hop. Any feedback welcome.

    3 here http://www.speedyshare.com/123664570.html

    1 here http://www.sendspace.com/file/0kt9u3


    On the One

    Herman Kelly - Do the handbone
    Bad Bascomb - Give the bass a taste
    Earth Wind and Fire - africano
    Beginning of the end - funky nassau
    Brady Bunch - Mr Drummer man
    Rasputin's Stash - What's on your mind?
    Nina Simone - Funkier that a mosquito's tweeter
    Jerry 'O' - Funky Charge
    Black Heat - love the life you live
    Brian Bennet - soul Mission
    The Fabulous Mk3 - Psycho Pt.1
    Gus Lewis - Let the Groove Move You

    The Xperiment

    Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase
    Graham Central Station - The Jam
    Alvin cash - get away
    Shirley Bassey - Spinning Wheel
    Black Byrds - Black Byrds Theme
    Soul Searchers - Funk to the Folks
    Bill Moss - Sock it to 'em Soul Brother
    Jimmy Bo Horne - Dance Across the Floor
    Soul Searchers - If it ain't Funky
    Commodores - don't this blow your mind
    Kool and the Gang - chocolate Buttermilk
    Lonnie Liston Smith - Spinning Wheel
    King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew
    Dyke and the Blazers - We got More Soul
    Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music
    Weldon Irvine - we gettin' down
    Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
    Manzel - Space Funk

    It's Not Hip-Hop, it's Electro

    R9 – Cybotron,
    122 BPM - Jive Rhythm Tracks,
    808 Beats - Unknown DJ,
    Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – Hashim,
    Bugger Groove - The Buggers,
    Captain Rock to the Future Shock - Captain Rock,
    Clear – Cybotron,
    Computer Age (Push the button) – Newcleus,
    Egypt, Egypt - Egyptian Lover,
    Electric Kingdom - Twilight 22,
    Firecracker - Yellow magic Orchestra,
    Fresh Mess (Jam your radio) - Knights of the Turntable,
    Gunsmoke Breakout - Willesden Dodgers,
    Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop) - Man Parrish,
    Hip Hop on Wax (volume 1), DJ Chuck Chillout,
    I Can't Stop - West Street Mob,
    Ignition - Dynamix II,
    IOU – Freeez,
    Itchiban Scratch - Chris 'The Glove' Taylor,
    It's Nasty – Hashim,
    Jam On It – Newcleus,
    Just Give the DJ a Break - Dynamix II,
    Light Years Away - Warp 9,
    Lisa's Coming - Latin Rascals,
    Looking for the Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force,
    Love Action - The Human League,
    Masters of the Scratch - Master OC and Crazy Eddie,
    Numbers – Kraftwerk,
    NUNK (New Wave Funk) - Warp 9,
    Pack Jam (Look out for the OVC) - Jonzun Crew,
    Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force,
    Pleasure Boys – Visage,
    Release the Tension - J.A. Groove,
    Release Yourself – Aleem,
    Rock the Planet - The Megatrons,
    Rockberry Jam - L.A. Dreamteam,
    Running - Information Society,
    Space is the Place - Jonzun Crew,
    Techno Scratch - Knights of the Turntable,
    The Roof is on Fire - Rockmaster Scott and the Dynamic 3,
    The Smurf - Tyrone Brunson,
    Tour de France – Kraftwerk,
    Warrior Groove – DSM,
    Was Dog a Doughnut - Cat Stevens,
    We Come to Rock (dub) - Imperial Brothers

    Tribute to Grandmaster Flash tracklisting to follow........

  • The Xperimnet was OK, a bit short but nice collection of breaks.

    On The One bored the pants off me.

    Have`nt bothered with the Electro one.

    Live from TTO studios

  • Quote from kaos

    The Xperimnet was OK, a bit short but nice collection of breaks.

    On The One bored the pants off me.

    Have`nt bothered with the Electro one.

    I prefer On The One myself, great played loud ;)

    The Electro one is great as well, same mould as Vera & Wildthing 8)

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