Andrew Red Hand - ZeeZout Podcast 141


    '' Vicious electro and shattering industrial techno cuts from Romania’s embodiment of Underground Resistance, Andrew Red Hand. With over 20 years on the forefront of Romania’s underground scene as a DJ and producer he now has a riot of releases to his name from Chiwax, to Lobster Theremin, M>O>S Recordings, and more. In his classic take-no-prisoners style ARH works up tense atmospherics as he goes on a breakneck rampage through blistering selections. This mix is not for the faint of heart. ''

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    ARH - M>O>S Recordings / Lobster Theremin / Chiwax / 10 Pills Mate / Matrix Records / Twilight 76 / Detroit Underground / Databass / Detroit Techno Militia / Cratesavers Intl / Bass Agenda ... # Soundcloud # Facebook # Bandcamp # Discogs

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