Luxus Varta: The Elusive French Artist Talks Early Punk Days, Drumming, and What Inspires His Music

  • Luxus Varta has become one of the most sought after names in the Electro scene over the last few years. With releases on international labels such as TRUST, brokntoys, or Shipwrec to name a few, Emeric Di Paolo's refined yet elusive Electro project is easily one of the most refreshing to come in a long time. Dreamy, melancholic, and profound, his music transcends time and space in a way that leaves you spellbound, reflecting on some of your deeper and perhaps least understood feelings as you drift away into his mystifying and brooding atmospheres.

    In this interview, we take some time to speak to this amazing French artist, who tells us about his early beginnings in music and life, his approach in studio, and how he came about meeting his most trusted ally, the one and only Paris The Black Fu of Detroit Grand Pubahs, with whom he shares a rather profound musical journey and passion with, as witnessed in the most recent works by their duo Techmarine Bottom Feeders. Let's begin!

    Welcome Emeric! We really appreciate you taking the time for this interview, I absolutely love your music! Let's talk about where that all began for you...what was the catalyst for you starting your path in music? Who would be your main influences?

    Thanks for your interest, it’s always a pleasure to talk about music! It was just a good feeling, music was the most suitable artform to satisfy my brain, and it came at the right moment: I’d been invited by a Punk-Rock band in the early 90’s to be the drum machine guy. Then a friend of mine bought a drum set and started playing with them. Unfortunately, he had a serious accident and was not able to play drums anymore, so he asked me to replace him. I became a musician by a cruel hazard!

    At the beginning, I was really into Punk-Rock and hardcore stuff. The Dead Kennedys and Nomeansno were my favorite bands at this time, but the Pixies came to...Read more!…pires-his-music

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