Electric Kingdom - The Archives Vol. 6 feat. Kim Cosmik

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    For our next installment in the archive series, we welcome Kim Cosmik out of the UK, packing some serious heat in this new mix with tracks by ADJ, Stormfield, Plaid, Versalife, and much more!

    As a resident of the iconic Dodo Club, as well as Xcero, not to mention her own productions as Kim Cosmik on labels like Crobot Muzik, Urban Distortions, and Touched Music to name a few, this veteran of the UK Electronic scene has made quite a name for herself over the years with unwavering dedication to the Electro sound and beyond.
    Catch the magic of her skill on this brand new exclusive mix for Electric Kingdom!


    1. Plaid – Maru
    2. Karsten Pflum – Reichenburger electro
    3. Stormfield and Nonima – Digiborrow
    4. DL/MS – Yep
    5. YLN12 – Earth without people
    6. Covert 3 – Earthday
    7. Versalife - Normal behaviour
    8. FJAAK – Matte
    9. Forward strategy group – At seminary
    10. Metrist – Eliot Me Fi (Cadans remix)
    11. Juno Lazermachine – Wormhole
    12. Cassegrain – Plate 2
    13. ADJ – Danger Management
    14. Momentum – Anthony Parasole
    15. Clark – Branding problem
    16. ASC – Silent reign
    17. Korben Nice – Plasma
    18. 1NX! – NX1 08 22


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