Shinbu - Initiation EP [Inception:Audio - IA019]

  • Shinbu - Initiation EP [Inception:Audio - IA019]

    Shinbu - Goblin
    Shinbu bares his soul in this nasty track. A deeply sinister opening gives way to a growling bassline and minimalistic drum patterns.
    Peppered with atmospheric sound effects to create a sense of paranoia in the listener, this is a troubling slice of breakbeat mayhem.

    Shinbu - Incantations
    The artist showcases his production skills with a tune for lovers of the dark side. Unique textures and sounds draw you in while the relentless drum pattern keeps you hooked till the very end.
    A tune that digs in its claws and refuses to let go.

    Shinbu - Ryugu
    Techno and breakbeat influences collide to create an unsettling concoction.
    Shinbu utilises distortion with relentlessly pounding beats to ensure a track that you will return to again and again. For those that dig futuristic music, this is the track for you.

    Shinbu - Initiation
    A horror-style opening with creepy textures are soon joined by sporadic drum patterns to keep your head nodding. Halfway through,
    the track ramps up the tension with the introduction of even more sinister sound effects. This is one that creeps up on you.

    Shinbu - Initiation EP [IA019]

    01 / Shinbu - Goblin
    02 / Shinbu - Incantations
    03 / Shinbu - Initiation
    04 / Shinbu - Ryugu

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