i found my way back and want to share my music and mixes

  • Hello peeps i am been away for a while. Sorry but i was working and my job has taken a lot of my time. i been trying to find my passion that i lost but i never gave up but to improve on myself and dj skills. i added a few of my links so you can see my work and progress over the years and i would like to share my music and mixes with you all please join and enjoy. i also do live mixes every friday and saturday on my mixcloud website details will be posted here soon when i go live. time to make up from my last post that never worked out but after all these years i worked hard all finally good results. so i would like to let you know look at my links and enjoy. if you need more or have a question please feel free and i will do my best to answer it ty.




    please enjoy and hopefully can make up for time loss.

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