Eusebeia - Reclaim The Symbol EP [Inception:Audio - IA020]

  • Eusebeia - Reclaim The Symbol EP [Inception:Audio - IA020]

    Inception Audio return with the latest instalment Eusebeia - Reclaim The Symbol EP

    "Hidden Power"
    Dreamlike and atmospheric, leading you into intricate halftime drum patterns and shuffling percussion.
    With heavyweight subs this one is hypnotic, detailed production throughout.

    "Lost Then Found"
    This is deep, incorporating elements and playing with the slow/fast nature of halftime drum patterns.
    Its gritty, groaning, bass and haunting FX hits keeps this ones energy flowing. It makes for an emotive musical journey.

    Reclaim The Symbol
    is loaded with darker elements, intricate percussion and cinematic synth-work taking centre,
    before dropping into brutal basslines and thumping drums. This is a deep journey, whilst exploring the experimental side.

    Eusebeia - Reclaim The Symbol EP [IA020]

    01 / Eusebeia - Reclaim The Symbol
    02 / Eusebeia - Lost Then Found
    03 / Eusebeia - Hidden Power

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