Brusten - Unknown EP [Inception:Audio - IA021]

  • Brusten - Unknown EP [Inception:Audio - IA021]

    Driven with atmosphere and futuristic space sounds from the start. This takes you into the realm of the unknown,
    with intricate halftime drum patterns and warping basslines making this track deadly.

    Exploring The Unknown.
    Warm lavish textures powered by sharp percussion and punchy drums with amens interjections make up this one's composition.
    Got to emphasise the eerie echoing stab lines over a weighty sub bass. This one goes deep.

    Deep atmospheres and textured layers are paired with halftime drums. Parallelled with warm shaking basslines it provides
    this track with depth and punch in equal measures.

    Ice Rush.
    Dark and moody textures build tension on the intro before dropping into high energy drums and growling bass.
    The creative elements and unusual percussion make this tune a proper dark roller.

    Brusten - Unknown EP [IA020]

    01 / Brusten - Cassiopeia
    02 / Brusten - Exploring The Unknown
    03 / Brusten - Lost
    04 / Brusten - Ice Rush

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