V/A | 11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation

  • Fundamental Bass Intelligence is very proud to announce a project that has been, in many ways, nearly 20 years in the making: 11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation. Since the beginning of our journey, we have had many great adventures, and have told many great stories throughout the work we presented over the years, but perhaps none will be as hard hitting and important of a message as this particular project that brings together refined Electro masterpieces from artists such as Mandroid, Exzakt, Sbassship, Deemphasis, Mauro Nakimi, and many more, all at a time when realizing who we are, and why we are here could not be more important to our very survival.

    Overall 11 tracks of authentic, hard-hitting Electro Bass, masterfully concocted, and tinged with a powerful message that is present throughout the undercurrent of this release, destined to become a true timeless classic of the Electro sound.

    The release is available on all digital formats, on all download and streaming platforms.

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