KOP-Z - Dimensions EP [Inception:Audio - IA024]

  • KOP-Z - Dimensions EP [Inception:Audio - IA024]

    The first release for lunar year 2021 is a four (4)-track collection courtesy of KOP-Z.
    The Dimensions EP moves in and out of deep spacious sounds and construction. There is a rich layered
    narrative through out the whole EP for those loved a bit more depth on their art.

    The EP opens up with 35mm. There is no question this one sets the mood for the whole release right from the start.
    It is confident, moody, and haunting. Lurking bells work their way into your mind leading you to heavy
    sparse kicks and low rumbling sub pulses. Cold pads move over the layers and lead to a more melodic exploration
    with subtle fills as the song progresses.

    Dimensions will have you settled in your star cruiser gazing out of your porthole as you fly across the galaxy.
    Crisp pads move in and out of the background behind an hypnotic break and double timed percussion.
    An occasional guitar note hanging and echoing creating space light tension.
    If you listen close enough you can even hear deep haunting strings and phased mid bass adding another layer to this already sophisticated track.

    Mutually Assured Destruction opens up with muted vocals broadcasted over what sounds like a factory intercom
    in a hanger and switches up to a distorted stepper break.
    Mid bass waves wash over as you move along an assembly line of drone solders being building and revved up for war.
    Bomb raid sirens and heavy filtered keys dot the landscape along the way as you get closer and closer to confrontation.

    Self Stimulationis like anything really satisfying. It has the slow build ups and pull backs over the coarse of this track and they feel damn good.
    They are at times subtle, but within that lives the movement and flow of this moody smoldering work.

    Kop-Z - Dimensions EP [IA024]

    01 / Kop-Z - 35mm
    02 / Kop-Z - Dimensions
    03 / Kop-Z - Mutually Assured Destruction
    04 / Kop-Z - Self Simulatioin

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